Feline Love Potion #9

(this recipe is provided as is, I am not a veterinarian and I make no guarantees regarding its use)
1 tablespoon of Red Clover Blossoms
1 tablespoon of Raspberry Leaves
1 teaspoon of Marshmallow Root
1 cup of water

I have also found adding catnip to the mixture is helpful.

Crush the ingredients to separate them into smaller pieces. Place them in a glass jar with a cover and
add a cup of tepid/room temperature water. Let stand for four hours.


      • The liquid can be administered to the queen in question by syringe.
      • The moistened herbs can be drained and a teaspoon added to a can of wet cat food (canned or raw). Let
        stand for an hour before feeding. Be sure no one you aren’t looking breed gets into. I had a six month
        old get into and go into a hard heat.
      • I used this to help convince a reluctant queen that the new boy she was being bred too just as good as
        the boy she had produced four litters with. Within an hour of administering it, her light heat became a
        hard heat and I couldn’t even touch her without her having a kitty orgasm. When placed with the new boy
        she was cooperative within minutes. AllI kittens arrivedl healthy.


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