We have kittens!!!

RainbowSafari Creme Brulee'
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Born 11/24/2016
Available as a loving pet

RainbowSafari Queen Amidila is a mom by Rowan Han Solo again
Born: 3/11/2017
ALCs behind the litter:
F6 Relentless Pursuit of Bundas
F9 Baghara Khan of Kent
F10 Art Deco
F10 Kabuki of Millwood
F13 Centerwall
F15 Bonzai
No USFW "illegal" cats behind them

1 Silver boy (available as a pet)

1 Silver girl (under evaluation, may be available as a breeder)

1 Silver Lynx girl (under evaluation to stay as a breeder)

1 Lynx Point girl (available as a pet)

1 Silver Lynx Point Boy (under evaluation, may be available as a breeder)


SnoPride Unexpected Frost is a mom again too!
Born: 3/17/2017

This is a repeat breeding that produced this boy
RainbowSafari Millenium Falcon

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